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Thread: How to Prepare Herbal Shampoo at Home

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    Hi friends

    I want to prepare herbal shampoo at home using natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea, amla, egg, olive oil etc. Please post me any method for easy preparation of homemade herbal shampoo

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    have you heard about reetha?

    soak reetha and amla powder in different containers for overnight and then filter their water into different glasses.take a jug and start mixing both the extracted liquid parts .
    after you are done ,wash your hair in this mixture of liquids.
    it cleanses your scalp and is the best remedy for any hair related problem like dandrup or dryness.

    try this out!

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    homemade herbal shampoo's:

    1).One of the easiest ones to make is the one with shikakai. Wash 200 gms of dried olives and 200 gms of shikakai in cold water and soak them in an iron vessel.The next morning, boil the decoction for about 10-15 minutes. Mash the thick residue into the water and strain. Use this to wash the hair. This shampoo leaves the hair soft and silky.

    2).You can also make a home-made herbal shampoo by using reetha and shikakai. Soak 125 gms each of reetha, shikakai and amla in 1 litre of water. Keep it aside for about 24 hours. Boil and allow the mixture to cool. Strain and use it to shampoo the hair. It is a very good way to wash the hair without harming it.

    3).Take some dry soap nuts(reetha) and soak them in water overnight.Mash them in the morning and strain the soapy solution.Add a tsp of shikakai powder and wash your hair. If you are unable to make the shampoo cleanser at home, use this infusion recipe.Prepare it and mix in the shampoo you use. B.To make the infusion, boil two handful of mint leaves in one and a half glass of water for 20 minutes.Strain the solution and mix in a 300ml bottle of shampoo.

    4).Fresh soap nut shampoo (reetha shampoo) Ingredients: A handful of reetha nuts A handful of shikakai pods 50 gm of dried amla 50 gm of dried brahmi leaves 250-400 ml. of water. Method: Boil all these ingredients together. Mash strain and use it to shampoo your hair. Reetha, shikakai, amla and brahmi impart a natural cleansing and glossy finish to any type of hair.

    5)Take 2.5mls/grams each of shikakai, amla, bhringraj and soapnut extract and add them to 240ml slightly warm water. If desired, you can add 2.5gms of neem extract to this mixture if you have dandruff or scalp problems. Once completely mixed, use this mixture to wash hair. Rinse well with warm water. You may want to then adjust the pH to 5.5 with either lemon juice or Vinegar. Keep this in the refrigerator between uses.

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    Take 10 - 15 leaves of hibiscus and one hibiscus flower. Boil them in a glass of water for 5 min and it will become a sticky green liquid..

    Apply a little oil before bathing .After wetting hair apply hibiscus shampoo. If you have dry hair certainly apply some oil. Otherwise it may make it more dry later. Start rubbing on scalp and hair with this shampoo. Do this for five min. Then rinse hair normally. Here you can see and feel the difference. The hair becomes soft but a little dry.. I f you hair is dry naturally apply oil before bath..

    Variation to this you can add soak some methi seeds overnight and grind them in the mixie into a fine paste and mix it with the hibiscus leaves paste and massage..


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    Herbal Egg Shampoo

    Begin by making the herbal foodstuff shampoo in a render or unsullied poise bowl. Whisk member full foodstuff with 1/2 accolade water. Add 1/3 accolade succulent vera juice. Also educate a touchable remotion by combine member accolade of liquefied with member containerful of apple drink vinegar. Set aside.

    Fine-tune your base foodstuff shampoo by adding herbs and plants according to the identify of touchable you have. For parched hair, add 3 to 5 drops of geranium, tree or ylang ylang direct oils. If you impact unclean hair, add 3 to 5 d
    Customize your herbal foodstuff shampoo further. If you impact dandruff, add 4 to 8 drops of cypress, sandalwood, lavender, repast tree and yarrow. To prevent touchable loss, add 4 to 8 drops of lemon, realty conifer and rosemary.

    Nourish separate ends by adding 4 to 8 drops of ylang ylang, sandalwood and rosewood. For Stygian hair, add 4 to 8 drops of sage, rosewood, sandalwood or rosemary. For individual hair, add 4 to 8 drops of lemongrass, citrus or lemon.Combine the direct oils by stimulating to blend.

    In the shower, dewy your touchable good and neaten with a temperate liquefied decorous much as glyercin or castile decorous with lavender. Rinse, then cover your decorous touchable with the herbal foodstuff shampoo, distributing it evenly. Work good from the scalp to the ends. Let the variety set in your touchable for member to digit minutes.

    Rinse your touchable with weakened apple drink vinegar. Rinse the acetum from the touchable and motion it discover gently. Condition as you ordinarily would and remotion erst more.

    Let your touchable guy dry, or if you expiration parched your hair, crest actual succulent vera neaten finished the hair. Blow parched it to meet just damp. Comb jojoba lubricator (with some kinds of direct oils you used in your foodstuff shampoo) finished your parched touchable as a uncolored touchable neaten that is also a toiletries (jojoba provides a SPF 16).

    Do not accumulation some remaining foodstuff shampoo; vanish it. It is likewise brawny to consume on the grappling but could be used on the feet preceding to a pedicure. Rinse completely and moisturize.

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    Rather than spending heavily on herbal shampoo available in the market you can easily make it at home. Here is the recipe for one such shampoo which I try often at home.
    • Take two cups of water in a bowl and bring it boil
    • Add 1 tbsp of rosemary leaves to the boiling water, further to this add I tbsp of dried chamomile and chopped peppermint leaves
    • Boil it for 20 minutes further and then remove the pot from the stove and cool it
    • Take a strainer and separate water and herbs
    • To the strained water add 2 tbsp of olive oil base soap and 1 tsp of lavender oil

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    homemade herbal shampoo

    Herbal shampoo is very good for hair growth; herbal shampoo can cure dandruff, acne in scalps etc. Well you must need the following things to make a perfect herbal shampoo.
    • 2 Tbsp Liquid castile soap
    • 1 Tsp Almond oil or Apricot oil
    • 1 Cup Water
    • 2 Drops of essential oils (your choice)
    • Ό cup fresh herbs you can even add 2 tbsp dried herbs
    • Pick a 10 ounced glass which comes with a lid and place the herbs in it.
    • Add boiling water to the herbs, and lock the jar and allow it to steep for about 20minutes.
    • Now drain the liquid from those herbs, and shift it to a new bowl.
    • Add oil and the Castile to it and make sure that you mix those three ingredients together.
    • Now to it add the essential oils and mix it well.
    • Store the homemade herbal shampoo in a plastic bottle.

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    Making shampoo which has olive oil etc is always good. This will nourish your hair and makes your hair shinier. Shampoo with olive oil gives hair moisturizing quality. Do like this:
    • Using aloe vera and olive oil extract
    • With liquid soap castile, you can help clean head scalp removing
    • Use herbal tea pack, dry herb, teabag
    • Boil all that in water for mins
    • Take care as this should allow fragrance to come to water
    • Put fragrance to castile soap mix and gently stir all that is mixed
    • Finally, shampoo is made in bottle

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    People after multiple usages of chemical based shampoos have taken refuge to natural products for healthy hair. It may sound old while talking about traditional techniques to retain beauty of the hair but its effect is harmless unlike the chemical ones. If you want to try with amla based shampoo then you can make it easily in the following methods:

    • Take different containers to soak amla, shikakai and reetha in water like a semi-liquid paste.
    • Finely mix all the ingredients and allow it stay for overnight.
    • To a separate container place a cotton cloth over its mouth to sieve out the solid particles from the liquid.
    • Wash your hair with the filtered mixed liquid.
    • It will not only work as shampoo but will help nourish your hair cuticles as well as the scalp.

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    Thanks a lot for the nice information,Really very useful,I think these types of shampoo are really great for hairs,I definitely try this.Usually I use Amla powder with cord twice in a month.

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