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Thread: Extracurricular Activities In School

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    Extracurricular Activities In School

    Hello All

    I need a suggestion from you guys.. What you guys think about extra curricular activities in School.. Which school my daughter goes I just dont want to specify the name there nothing is there like that called extracurricular activities please give your best suggestions please..

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    Yes ofcourse kids need extracurricuar activities.. which makes them metally and physically strong...

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    Extra curricular activity establish child's basic mental ability and skills. With a variety kinds of play child able to solve problem and become more focus.

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    Extra curricular activity establish child's basic mental ability and skills and playing the more game in school in extra activity about the extracurricular activity.

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    Hi friends,

    This brings out the creativity and the problem-solving skills of the children, thereby encouraging their natural curiosity and interests. This also can teach a child how to juggle school, homework, family life, and their after-school activities as well and learn the importance of priorities and planning. These promote healthy methods for dealing with stress and the kids become more self-confident.

    Above all, this is a great way to find friends or like-minded people.

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