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Thread: Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

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    Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

    I was a working woman few months back, last month I gave birth to sweet and cute boy baby, now again am planning to go for work, I think it will be great risk for me, my hubby doesnít like me going to work but canít manage life and family with single income, cost of leaving in India is quite expensive. Am in great confusion can someone give your advice and opinions.

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    Yup I say its horrible going to work after having baby, we will lose our sleep and spoil our health this will be one of the major disadvantage. I know the cost of leaving in India is bit expensive, but I tell this stage you have to be with your child once he start going to school you can search for jobs.
    Else you will be facing problems like Distance in relationship, Lack of attention on children, Heavy burden etc etc. So take a right decision.

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