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Thread: Anti Corruption Quotes in English

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    Anti Corruption Quotes in English

    I have essay competition in my college; I picked a topic on Anti Corruption I have few points with me I want some more quotes and lines on anti corruption, is there anybody to help me????

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    Good topic, I would like to say speak much on Anna Hazare anti corruption movement, lokpal bill, black money and India’s future.

    *Raise a hand, raise a finger
    Do anything, but don't let corruption linger
    *The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference
    *All things can corrupt when minds are prone to evil

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    Hey Dear friends..

    Lets all put our hands together and be against of corruption and join in this forum and lets see how many of our friends join here with us please come forward and write your suggestion and opinions here. here are some Quotes of ant corruption hope it will help you..

    * corruption corruption go away leave my country, this I pray
    *We will do our part so Corruption will be caught
    *There are two ways to lead a life, 1. Do nothing and suffer the consequences, or 2. take the responsibility to change it

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