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Thread: Planning To Have A Baby In A Year

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    Planning To Have A Baby In A Year


    I got married 3 months past.. My husband and my in laws wants a baby now itself will it be good please do let me know if you have any suggestions please do let me know...

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    Well I can say like this its not a single mans decision of whether you need a kid or no.. Its both partner should decide when you need a baby, if you are planning for a baby within one year it could be a good also as well bad also

    Good - its like happiness that you give to your in laws and make pride of you partner..
    Sometimes what happen wen keep on taking contraception drugs it makes weak physically when you need kid in certain period of time you will not be able conceive so its better you give birth to a baby within a year..

    Bad - you cant spend much time with your partner

    Nor yourself

    Always have carry your baby with you for any matter if any body is there to take care well and fine if not you have to suffer

    So discuss and take a decision..

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