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Thread: Internet Safety Tips for Teenagers

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    Internet Safety Tips for Teenagers

    Just because I do my office work at home I have a Internet connection, I am worried a lot were my son would get spoiled because of internet browsing when I am not at home could somebody help me with the Internet Safety Tips for Teenagers..

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    Please do visit the link above to know what safety measures you can do for the safer online of your child..

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    Lightbulb I found a solution for the same problem....

    Hi I am a father of a 16 year son too...I had the same issue, as both me and my wife use to work and have no clue what my son does on line in our absence...I did research and surf about a solution and now finally i can say i have found one. Its NetGenie wireless router for HOME. it has all features you would want such as friendly GUI, parental control with logs and reports and it gives a flexibility to my son as well. We don't have to hover around while he is surfing the internet and at the same time he feels comfort. So, i would recommend you to buy one for your home too.
    For product info you can also visit: www.netgenie.net

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