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Thread: Budget Hotels in Puri

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    plz recommend me some of the best Budget & cheap Hotels in Puri... we are planning to visit to Puri in the month of May - June


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    Hotel Holiday Resort, Hotel Naren Palace , Hotel Samudra , Hotel Sea Palace , Hotel Shree Hari , Hotel Sonali , Hotel Swimming , Pearl Beach Club & Resort , Sterling Days Inn Resort , Surya Beach Inn are some of the budget hotels in Puri, Orissa. For more information on these hotels check [url]http://www.hotelsinpune.com/[/url]


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    Some Budget Hotels in Puri:

    # Hotel Sea Palace
    Facilities: There are rooms which are air-conditioned with balcony from where you can have the view of the sea. The rooms are divided into deluxe and suites. The rate for the deluxe rooms is about Rs 1615 and for the suites, it is Rs 2520.

    # Hotel Swimming
    Facilities:Rooms with sea-facing facilities. There are deluxe rooms costing about Rs 1660 and non air-conditioned rooms cost about Rs 1320. Family rooms having 4 beds are available.

    # Hotel Shree Hari
    Facilities:Rooms with attached balconies having sea-facing facility is there. There are both deluxe and non-deluxe rooms. The cost for deluxe room is about Rs 1530 and the non-deluxe is about Rs 1147.

    # Surya Beach Inn
    Facilities: The rooms are all air-conditioned deluxe rooms whereby the rate is about Rs 1700.

    # Hotel Holiday Resort
    Facilities: There are both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms. There are also small cottages in this resort. The rate is Rs 1130 for the air-conditioned rooms and Rs 1900 for the cottages.

    # Hotel Padma
    Facilities: The rooms are air-conditioned. The rate is about Rs 1000.

    # Hotel Dreamland
    Facilities: Sea-facing rooms are there. Both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms are available where the rates starts from Rs 760.

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