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Thread: How to motivate a child

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    How to motivate a child

    I have a 10 year old kid, I was a rank holder in the entire exam before but until now he has become so lazy and he gets very less mark compared to his previous years he is getting very less marks in math. And in other subject I am very happy with her performance. Only thing is math i am getting scared of him I even asked him why are you doing like this and he never talks anything about it. All he says that itís getting very tough for me to read this. Is there any way to motivate my child to read? Please share your comments and suggestion.

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    I know the way you feel about your kid, even I am a mother for 2 and they have the same problem as yours. And I finally found put that providing a good selection of books for your child so that he or she can always find one of interest. And there are many interactive educational cdís available in stores get them and that can motivate them to read.

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    You must tell his about those student who are very brilliant and they have good aim. this is the best way..

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    In this case you need not compare your child with anyone, most of the kids get bugged if they are compared to other people they consider it as insult. So u need to motivate him by sending to special classes like Abacus, yoga classes and other activities related to mind refreshmentÖ

    Donít make ur child stress by forcing him to read Maths every day, fix two particular day in a week so that he donít get vex throughout the week.

    During holidays, make him work under computer mathematics game it will be interesting and he also gain some knowledge over it.

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