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Thread: Advantages of co-education

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    Advantages of co-education

    I have got a seat in very good college but that is co-education, my parents won’t allow me to study in co education i really wanted to convince and tell them the advantages of co education could anybody please do help me out to know what are the advantages of co education..

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    Increases confident level.
    Removes shyness.
    Removes hesitation.
    Social benefits.
    Mutual understanding in life.
    Improves personality and thinking.
    To increase the communication skills between both genders.

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    Respectful to opposite gender, confidence, mental indiscrimination, feelings of equals, more social, communicative to everyone
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    Co-education method was firstly introduced by Switzerland; Co-education means the education for a boys and a girls is given in the same institution i.e. school, colleges or universities. This system has brought great changes in the life style…

    The major advantages of Co-education are as follows:-
    > Healthy Competition B/W Boys and Girls
    > Mutual Understanding
    > Self Confidence
    > No hesitation and shyness problem
    > Brotherhood & Sisterhood
    > Natural Improvement in Decency, Manners, Obedience, Character and Behavior
    > Healthy Discussion

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    Co-education mainly helps to live life in the ecosystem. To know our life and get well with it.

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    Advantages of Co-education

    Hey , why you are thinking like this. There are lot of benefits of getting co-education. Co education helps to increase your confidence, removes your hesitation, and also helps to develop your personality.

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    Thanks, everyone for sharing your valuable views and suggestions about co-education. I think; I will convince my parents by telling all the merits of pursuing the graduation in the co-education college. Hope, they will get convinced!

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    Wow!! Beautiful Replies by whitey1985, navjitmentorindia & kiranmdk

    I have vice versa point of view on co-education...

    Firstly let me tell about its Advantages like;
    1. There will be appropriate discipline within boys and girls
    2. There won’t be chance for boys to misbehave with girls when they are working together.
    3. Wave length on curiosity b/w boys and girls will be satisfactory
    4. Healthy competition
    5. No Fear of boys for girls and no eve teasing treat by boys

    1. There are chances for wicked Relationship
    2. Should not believe Morality of this age
    3. Insult in front of either of the gender cannot be accepted

    malar5, I conclude saying thattt be in your limits when you’re mingling with both guys & girls, show your interest only on studies......
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