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Thread: Should Teenagers be given more Freedom?

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    Should Teenagers be given more Freedom?


    Much freedom should not be given to the teenagers they might miss use it in many ways, there should always be guided by the elder people if at all you wanted them to be in a right way…
    Please do leave your comments if you agree with me

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    S your right if we wanted our children’s to be good we should always have a limit and control over them …and make them understand if they are wrong and don’t force them to do anything..

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    Talking Freedom to teenagers are pretty mandatory as long as it is ristricted

    Hi, I am a mother of a 12 year son too. I have sensed that how important it is to give freedom to my son in many ways. I firmly believe what he does with his friends and in school can be traced in certain limit but my concern is how much should i allow him to surf internet??? and till what extend should i be giving him on line freedom??? I am still finding solutions and puzzled.... I am considering a below solution of buying NetGenie parenting control router suggested by MR. Kurva....Hope I can give enough "freedom" to my child online using this appliance.......

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