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Thread: Need all ur help very much pls help me???

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    Need all ur help very much pls help me???

    Hi all,

    I need your help and suggestions very much as I am confused what to do.Please help me with the below:

    1)For the new pattern of GRE what is good score to get in good universities(scholarship and placements)?

    2) In general how much time will it take for preparation to get good score

    3)Does applying for MS after 3 years of experience a bad choice? how it will effect my carrier. i.e, I have 1.6 years experience in datawarehousing(cognos reporting) now and if i write GRE in september of this year(2012) and apply for 2013 fall(it will be 3 years exp at this point for me) will it be too late study MS or will it be a good option for having a good carrier.

    I have experience in Datawarehousing(Cognos reporting in HSBC).

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    Hey my friend I think itís best for you to get more than 320/340 In GRE, and it depends on the total hours you want to spend for your preparation of GRE exam. Donít spend too much of your time in your study room relax for some time and talk to your friends be relaxed never get worried for anything. So just be relaxed and plan as your comfortable and get prepared for the exam and it is never too late for anything and do not worry about the carrier your experience will lend you a hand in the future when youíre done with the MS. Wish you all the best and be prepared.

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    tnku so much for encouragement words I am little bit worried as I want to do job in US for 2-3 yrs and i thought that MS is the good option,anyways i wil definitely do my level best to get good score.In general i want to know wat is the good score to get admission in good universities which has placements.Will 3 months is enough for preparation????

    As im working now will 3 months wil be enough for me to prepare to get good score??????

    Thanks in advance
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