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Thread: Best Way To Invest Money

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    Best Way To Invest Money

    Hi Frineds..

    I am a working women, I have two kids I would like save some money for them for their future can any one help me which way is the best for investing.. Can i put it in shares will it will help in all the way Or Should I take policy on their name and it should help me whenever i am in need of money and also for their higher studies and marriage as well please guide me..

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    You should be careful when you are in the stage of choosing the correct place to invest and at the same it should be safest and reliable Bank..

    I need not have to tell you. Every one sees the news whats happening now within five years the policies companies closed and they will run away so be careful before you take an decision..

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    Hello Thirdeel,

    Its really a wonderful thing that you have decided to save some amount on your kids future... why dont you try on these like Savings Account- Deposit in Nationalized Bank or Investment on Golds consult with your house member and take a final call....

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