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Thread: Do you like traveling alone?

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    Do you like traveling alone?


    Some people like to travel l alone. share with me why you like it?

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    i like to travell alone so i can spend more time. You don't want to depend on anyone, you don't have to be restricted by anyone. Given the choice between going on an interesting trip with a friend, or going alone, I prefer going alone. Among my family members, there are one or two I enjoy traveling with, otherwise I'd rather they stay behind.

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    Smile Do you like traveling alone

    In my opinion,Usually,i traveled alone.Most friends said that they do not like travel alone,but for me ,i reckon that it is an experience ,talking to yourself,konwing your heart ,especiallywhen you are yourself in the nature,you can think nothing,or you could forget everything,which is a marvlous feeling.

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    Yes! I love to travel alone.
    Because.. I can talk with others as I love to mingle with others.
    If I go with your family, I won’t get chance to interact with others. I can have whatever I want. I can read my favorite book without any disturbance. I can go wherever I want. I won’t any responsibilities except taking care of my belongings. I can just enjoy the journey if I am alone.

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