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Thread: How to Maintain Old Books?

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    How to Maintain Old Books?

    I have a small library in my house as I love reading books and I have got a huge collection of old books. I want to know how I can preserve them. Please suggest.

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    Here are some useful tips for you that will help you to preserve old books:-

    # Always place the book straight.
    # Use jacket covers to protect your books.
    # You can also keep your books in a box wrapped in muslin cloth.
    # Keep checking your books once in a while.
    # Put naphthalene balls in the book shelves in order to protect from worms.
    # Clean and check your books once in a month.
    # Always keep books in a closed cabinet.

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    Books are our best friends and accompany us till the end of our life. If you have old books first get them binded. this will prevent the pages from falling apart and getting lost. clean the dust from the books on a regular basis.

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