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Thread: How to found whether the camera or any electronic device is present in hotel rooms.

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    How to found whether the camera or any electronic device is present in hotel rooms.

    Hi, i want to know how one can find whether there is any camera or electronic devices present in a room or not. Reply me as soon as possible.

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    Different ways to detect camera and electronic device in hotel rooms:-
    1. If any of the electronic device doesn't work there are chances of hidden camera. You will not be able to plug anything into an electrical outlet that has a hidden camera in it.
    2. Shine a flashlight directly onto a wall mounted mirror. Take the flashlight and move it progressively closer to the mirror until it touches the mirror. If you can see through the mirror, or notice the light shining through it, you have a one-way mirror, and possibly a hidden camera behind it. A mirror should always reflect light, not allow the light to penetrate through it.
    3. Check your smoke detector. Take a flashlight and shine it directly onto the grill of the smoke detector. If you see a tiny glass lens, you know you have a hidden camera.
    4. Use hidden camera detector to check if there is any hidden camera in hotel room.
    5. Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if your fingernail directly touches the image of your nail, then beware, it is a two way mirror. Which means someone can see you.
    6. Try making a call, if you are not able to make a call then be sure there is a hidden camera.
    These are some ways to detect hidden camera in hotel rooms.

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