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Thread: Ration Card status

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    Ration Card status

    I had been applied for the Ration card last month in Bangalore and please do help me to know how do I check for the ration card status online…

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    A ration card also has the issuing date and the ward number as the ration card status. To check Ration card status online requires you to fill an online form for applying a ration card. Other than this check Ration card status online also provides information on the circle rationing office near to ones area….
    Here is a link below to check for the status of ration card in Bangalore

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    Ration card is indeed important for a citizen to get food grains and other commodities. Every Indian citizen will definitely understand the importance of having a ration card. Once you have applied for the ration card it is vital that you must have a track of its status and application. There are also chances where your card would be suspended due to some minor mistakes that would have occurred while filling the application form for ration card.

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