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Thread: How easy or difficult is to adopt a child in India?

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    Question How easy or difficult is to adopt a child in India?

    Hi All,
    We are thinking of adopting a child .... so can someone let us know,

    1) How long the adoption procedure take?
    2) What are the challenges we face during the adoption procedure (if any).
    3) What are the good adoption agencies we have in Delhi?
    4) Any other input you would like to share.

    Thanks you in advance,
    Vishwa Anurag

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    Well Saxena!!

    Adoption procedure:- all adoption agencies are approved by government, so the court has to approve your adoption petition, you need to wait for a month to get approval.
    Petition includes:-
    Statement of Adoptive parents is apt to adopt the child
    The name, age, and legal parentage of the child to be adopted

    Challenges:- if the childís parents are alive you need to get written documents from them telling that they agree for adopting and they donít have any rights any more with the child.

    Here are list of best Adopting Agencies of Delhi, meet these agencies directly they will help u..

    Welfare Home for Children
    68, Raja Garden,
    New Delhi: 110027

    S.O.S. Children's Villages of India
    A-7, Nizamuddin (West),
    New Delhi: 110013
    4627299, email:

    Holy Cross Social Services
    No. 34, Mukherjee Nagar (West),
    New Delhi: 110009
    email: hcssc@vsnl.com

    Central Adoption Resource Authority,
    Ministry of Women & Child Development,
    West Block 8, Wing 2,
    2nd Floor, R.K. Puram,
    New Delhi-110066 (India)
    Telephone Numbers: +91-11-26177907
    E-mail : info@cara.nic.in

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