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Thread: Figs Nutritional Value

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    Figs Nutritional Value

    I heard that figs help in boosting memory power, is that true?? If it is good for health, then please share its benefits and nutritional facts coz am lacking lot in memory power and facing many failures in my life…

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    Yup!! It helps in maximizing your memory power, not only this benefit fig has too many advantages like

    A) It helps in treating constipation problem
    B) Its Potassium and calcium rich fruit
    C) Daily consumption of figs helps in curing piles
    D) It reduces the risk of Breast Cancer
    E) It cures illness like anemia

    Nutritional Facts:-
    We get Figs in two combination and they differ in Nutritional value.

    Fresh Fig:-
    Sugars - 16g
    Carbohydrates - 19g
    Protein - 0.8g
    Fiber - 3 g
    Fat - 0.3g

    Dried Fig:-
    Protein - 3 g
    Energy - 250 kcal / 1040 kJ
    Sugars - 48 g
    Fat - 1 g
    Carbohydrates - 64 g

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    Thumbs up Figs Nutritional Value

    Figs are a rich source of calcium.
    For more information about the figs visit :- http://mydreambaby.in/

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