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Thread: hahaha.

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    Smile hahaha.

    Rajni eats potty and roti comes out from his ass

    Rajinikant once had a race with Light.. Light came third.. Well Rajini's shadow was Second.

    Rajnikanth can TEAR a Facebook page into bits and pieces !!

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    FUNny joke

    1 boy " meri maa kehti hai bhains ka dodh pine se dimag tez hota hai" . 2 boy"

    maa bewakuf banati hai agar aisa hota to bhains ka baccha aaj Scientist nahi ban jata kya". hav a nce day

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    Hey all,

    I would like to share some of the funny jokes with you all,

    There are two people; the first person says ennoda daughter kalyanathha Rs 1500la mudichutten..........the second person asks eppadi?? The first man tells Rs 1500 ku cell vangi koduthen, Ava kadhalichhi kalyanam pannikitta.........talented girls..................cool...

    The next joke goes on like this;

    There is a conversation between a doctor and patient.......
    Patient says...Enna doctor operation pannurdhukku munnadiye fees vaangitingle
    The doctor replies, operation kappuruma nee ticket vangitana, apro naan enna panradhu

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