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Thread: Kindly tell the full formalities to adopt a child from other country parent directly?

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    Thumbs up Kindly tell the full formalities to adopt a child from other country parent directly?

    I don't know anything about the process and I am not also in a position to go abroad to complete all the formalities. I am from India and we both are interested in adopting a very fair color baby. As my color is also very fair and so from looks many people doubt that I am not from India. That is the main reason I feel I should search for baby abroad. Another reason is that in future buy nature I will always be concerned about the emotional well being of the child and for that reason any time I may need the Birth parents address and contact numbers, so that the child can contact them if he or she feels like after growing up. I don't want to see my adoptive child mentally disturbed, just to find his or her roots. So I have decided to go for open adoption but here in INDIA the adoption agencies don't tell the full address and contact information of the child parents. Kindly help ? Please give me as much information as you can so that we can get two babies of our choice a girl and a boy and see our family complete. We are without any issue. My mobile number is 9417555825 and e-mail madhuvigsutkarsh@yahoo.com

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    Hello Madhu,

    In India, as you said the parents details are not provided by the agencies the same procedure is followed in other countries. If you adopt a child directly from parents it against the law. The law for adoption varies in each country. In terms of the age of the adoptive parents, financial status, educational level, marital status and history, number of dependent children in the house, sexual orientation, weight, psychological health, and origin are used by different countries to determine what parents are eligible to adopt from other country. My advice for you is to contact the permitted agencies for child adoption.


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