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Thread: Can welding fumes make you sick?

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    Can welding fumes make you sick?

    Hi all,

    My neighbor is a metal worker, he is been working for over 10 years in the welding industry. He will face a lot of health issues when he does welding so I want to know that the fume which comes while welding spoils the person’s health?

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    Welding produces metal fumes and gases, which make people sick for those working in the welding industry. Most of the time, it depends on the factor including location, paints, usage of materials, solvents and surfaces. The fume which comes out will cause irritation to the nose, eyes and throat. Also the inhalation of excessive zinc fumes will lead to metal fume fever and prolonged exposure to ozone can cause lung disease.

    In order to protect from welding fumes and gas hazards, here are the few tips to follow that are listed below:

    • Work in a proper ventilated area
    • Keep your face far from welding plume
    • Use welding rods that produce low fume

    By following these methods the risk of getting sick will be less so people working in welding industry must be cautious and should follow all these instructions given above.

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