Hey guys,

As the New Year started, there are lots of songs has become well-liked. Given here is a list of few popular songs with their albums of 2012.

Feel the Sound - “Runaway”

Old Ideas - “Darkness”

Karimba - “Festejo”

Hospitality - “Betty Wang”

Weekends - “Funny Girl”

Feel the Sound - “Overtaken”

Attack on Memory – “No Future/No Past “

Strange Weekend - “Put Me to Sleep”

The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy - “When I Was Young”

Future This - “Stay Gold”

Attack on Memory - “Stay Useless”

Lights Out - “Chair”

La Grande - “La Grande”

America Give Up - “Back of Your Neck”

Eskimo - “Eskimo”

Breezy - “Sunny Side”

Bruiser - “Don’t Wait” (Live)

Birds of Belize - “Sacred Birds”

You can get the ample collection of songs in the following link: http://www.indierockcafe.com/top-ten-songs/

Download them from the website to your system or I-pod and enjoy listening to them!