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Thread: How to insist my child for studying

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    Apr 2008
    Can anybody suggest me how can i insist my child for studying...???
    Actually my child doesnt study,so please let me know about this...

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    Apr 2008
    Hi gags!!!
    firstly u hav to mention ur child age or he/she is in which standard only thn we will able to suggest..
    Bcaz in growing age its become compulsory to give his child time to play...study is aft that..
    Anyways..try to make his study interesting..and funny for him/her..

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    Apr 2008
    hi "gags"
    is your child is an average student ?then don't force him to be a studious one.
    you can't make him earn gold medal in studies , right?
    why don't you start exploring other aspects of his personality so that you can find a "GENIUS" out of your child.
    So, be a nice and capable parent and don't spoil your child's mind by pushing him "just for studies" or he will be good for nothing.
    Else,try for other creative activities for him as well.
    try to be positive at him!

    all the best!!!

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    Hi ,

    We do Job or bussines to earn
    We earn to eat , wear and live life comfortably .....
    We listen music for peace or to celebrate
    What i mean to say is whatever we do ....we do it to satisfy a need

    So , If he or she is a Teenager who have some Dreamworld of thier own ....so you have to get into tht Dreamworld and have to make them realize that studies can act as a catalyst to achieve there dreams......then they will themselves realize that NEED to study .....

    making a win win situation for Parent and Child.

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    hey gags lisn the only way you can make your child study is if she or he wAnt to i now this from expearence. all its gana do is stress the kid out more ad make it become reabelouse and you dont want that. let the kid have fun and then every once and a wile ask them and tell them to study but if they dont its thear oun falt dont wory. try being like that childs best freind but not to an extream. Give up on that child an then they will want to study to prove you rong. ;-)

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