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Thread: Advantages of green revolution

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    Advantages of green revolution

    Hello People,

    Can some help me giving the information about the advantages of Green Revolution? As, we all know Green Revolution is changed our country status to one of the world's leading agricultural nations.

    Kindly help me.

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    The advantages of Green Evolution are given below:

    Continuing expansion of farming areas
    Double-cropping in the existing farmland like Wheat
    Using seeds with improved genetics.
    Improved some farmers standard of living
    Industrialization creating jobs in fertilizer factories.

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    Everything will have an advantage and a disadvantage. Likewise even green revolution has its own drawback and advantage. Green Revolution is an overview of high harvesting types of seeds as well as the improved use of irrigation and fertilizers. One of the best advantages of it according to me is that, it makes our country self-contained food grains; it improves the agriculture in our country as well.

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