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Thread: Difference between lehenga and sari

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    Difference between lehenga and sari

    Hi Ladies,

    I was planning to purchase a Saree for my cousinís marriage. My friend suggested me to go for a Lehenga which sounds very new to me. Can anyone explain the difference between them?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hello Dear,

    As you know the sari has been considered as the most important item of clothing, for ages, when it comes to the Indian woman, itís only natural that this Indian garment would undergo various kinds of experimentation. A sari is the common one which has pleats and rap around.

    And the experiments are resulted as Lehenga Sari. Lehenga style saree is normally 4.5 meters to 5.5 meters long. If you donít like the pleats and rapping around you, can use Lehenga which is stylish, it is stitched as a long flared skirt with a zip at the side, it is made to the measurements of the wearer. You feel very comfortable wearing it and look gorgeous.

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    Lehenga is a new trend introduced in India. This is an aesthetic blend of the traditional Saree and a Lehenga choli.but sarees are more comfortable in parties as compare to lehengha.

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    Difference between lehenga and sari

    Sarres is the culture of India.

    Sarrees are unstiched clothing fashion which can be draped in different fashion style with variety of designs.

    Where lehenga is stitching two piece of dress like garment.

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    Saree: Is a single material which we have to drape manually and which can be worn by any one, fatty, pathli, aunty, teenagers etc..

    Lehnga : Is a two piece of clothes lehngha and choli, which is worn by teens and those who are thin, if fat people wear it it will look odd..

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