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Thread: Remedies If Child Constantly Constipated

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    Remedies If Child Constantly Constipated

    I have a kid who is 2years old, she has constipation problem from a year old itself. Her intakes were only milk and recently I started giving ragi malt and banana, which is very rich in fiber and cures constipation problem, but I donít see any improvement in my childís health even after giving fiber food. How can I cure this problem naturally???

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    Actually banana helps to flow free motion, so I guess ragi dnt suit your babyís healthÖ its better consult a doctor before trying some natural remedies at home.

    *If you are breast feeding your kid, then you must drink plenty and plenty of water
    * Put Vaseline to Q-Tip end and put it in her rectum and swirl for few seconds
    * Give few t spoons of Luke warm water

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