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Thread: How to make veg. grilled sandwich

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    Can anybody please tell me how can i make the most delicious and yummy grilled sandwich...???

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    Grilled Veg. Sandwich

    Preparation Time : 5 mins.
    Cooking Time : 10 mins.
    Serves / Makes : 2

    1/2 onion (into thin stripes)
    1/2 green capsicum(into thin stripes)
    1/2 yellow capsicum(into thin stripes)
    1 cup mushrooms(sliced into thick stripes)
    2 tsp oil
    salt,pepper to taste
    2 thsp cheese
    italian salad dressing as spread
    4 white or brown bread slices

    1. Put oil in kadai and heat.
    2. Add all the vegetables and cook on high flame stirring frequently till it gets brownish-black on borders of vegetables(like grilled-look)
    3. Add salt,pepper and reduce heat.
    4. Spread italian dressing on two bread slices.Top with warm vegetables and sprinkle cheese and cover with remaining slices spread with butter and cut into triangles and serve.

    User Comments & Tips
    You can add italian seasonings in grilled vegetables for variation.

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    * 4 sesame seed buns
    * 2 large golf-ball sizes balls fresh mozzarella cheese
    * 2 portabella mushrooms, sliced in half horizontally
    * 1 large red bell pepper, sliced into 4 long pieces
    * 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    * 2 tsp olive oil
    * 2 tbsp dried basil
    * 1 tbsp chopped fresh chives
    * alfalfa sprouts, onions or your favorite vegetable (optional)

    Combine cheese, oil, basil, chives and vinegar in a blender. Blend until smooth; set aside.

    Grill or broil the mushrooms about 3 minutes per side or until tender. Grill peppers (do not peel) until tender, about 5 minutes per side. Skin will be wrinkled and lightly brown.

    Slightly toast the buns on the grill and spread the mozzarella mixture evenly on the bottom of each bun. Cover with mushroom slice and red pepper. Serve immediately.

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    Never call this as simple sandwich, as only your empty stomach will know how sweet is this. Yes, I am talking about Grilled Ham Gruyere Sandwich. This is how to make this:
    You need:
    Mayonnaise, Parmesan and Swiss cheese
    Red pepper strips, Deli smoked ham
    Spinach leaves, sourdough bread, and little butter
    In bowl, combine Parmesan cheese & mayonnaise. Mix both that good and spread that to bread. Gruyere cheese, red pepper strips, baby spinach & ham can be coated. Butter is spread outside sandwich. Thereafter, grill that sandwich using indoor grill. Thus, sandwich is made finally

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    Making veg grilled sandwich is very easy and moreover it is extremely healthy. All you need to do is to take a sandwich and apply some chutney of your choice inside. Now place the cut vegetables such as tomato, capsicum and green leafs. Cover it with another bread and place it in a sandwich maker for about 5 minutes.

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    1 Large Onion
    2 Tbsp Cheese
    Pepper as per taste
    Whole wheat brown bread
    1 Cup Mushroom
    2 Tbsp cooking oil
    1 Tomato
    1 Capsicum
    salt - According to taste

    In a pan heat oil and add mushroom and capsicum and deep fry them and add pepper and salt to it and fry it with low flame.
    Add bread slices and slowly spread the fried vegetables on it.
    Spread the cheese that is grated on them and add butter to it further cut them in triangles and serve it hot.

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    Preparing grilled sandwhich is not that difficult. What you need to do is to get your desired ingredients to fill inside the bread to make a delicious sandwhich. To prepare it you can follow the direction mentioned below:


    1 packet Cheese slices
    5 Mushrooms (boiled and finely sliced)
    1 Tsp Pepper
    3 Green Chilies (Sliced)
    4 small Tomatoes (Sliced)
    Oil as per requirement.


    Take a pan and heat it at medium level then pour oil.
    Shift the vegetables and stir for a minute then add other ingredients except for cheese.
    Allow a good smell to come.
    Lay slices of cheese on bread and add little topping of the cooked vegetables to it.
    Compress the bread of filled toppings with another bread.
    Place it in a grill oven and toast it.
    You need to check whether the sandwhich is cooked on each side by removing it from the oven after a short interval and moving it upside down.

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