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Thread: Passport for adopted child

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    Passport for adopted child

    Hi Friends !!

    My friend she din have baby of her own since last 10 yrs of her marriage. By gods grace she has a very kind hearted husband and a caring in laws, so they have adopted a baby gal from an orphanage, and they are pretty happy now and she also now 11 yrs old studying in a good school and till today she doesnt know that she is a adopted kid.. they have bought her like that. Now her husband got job in foreign country they have to go with family and settle there only... my question is will they ask for passport for adopted babies please tell me she is worried a lot...

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    Thats really a fantastic job wat your friend did, Hats off to her.. As per my knowledge I dont think so specifically you have to go for adopted kids. since you are agreeing thats your own kid I dont think so you will have any kind of problems...

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