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Thread: Vijayakanth English Dialogues

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    Vijayakanth English Dialogues

    Vijayakanth is an Indian actor cum Politician; he is nicknamed as Captain after his 100th movie captain Prabhakar. Vijayakanth is not only an actor & politician he is also a director for a film Viruthagiri. To tell about Vijayakanth dialogues, it will be mostly related to politics, he has kept separate punch dialogues for his fans and party members (politics).. Vijayakanth as a person is brave enough to take great risks, but he is reckless most of the time. This considers him as comedy specimen…

    Here are as such comedy dialogues of Vijayakanth in English

    * You can find keys n Keyboardu but u can’t find mother in motherboardu. Hvvvvvvvvvvvv!!

    * Mechanical engineer can become a mechanicc bot a software engineer cannot become a software!!

    * You can become an engineer if u study in engineering collageu bot you cannot bcom a president if u studies in Presidency Collegeu!!

    * You can study and get ny certificates; Bot u cannot get your death certificate

    * You may have Airtel or BSNL connexon bot when u sneeze u all say HUTCH

    * You can expect a BUS from a BUS stopu bot you cannot expect a FULL from full stop

    * You can find tea in teacup, Bot cannot find world in world cup

    If any of you guys wish to speak more about our captain, kindly use this space without hesitation!!

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    OMG!! What a dialogues, vijayakanth is also famous for his astonishing body languages like biting his lips and beeping sound (hvvvvvvvv), Hand exercise dance etc etc.

    Vijayakanth’s extraordinary English pronunciations are as follows:-

    Informason – Information
    Asoku – Ashok
    Condact – contact
    Pazut – Pass it
    Englis - English
    Spesaly – Specially
    Aiiii – Hey

    Have a great time reading these above shared jokes!!

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    He is the funniest crap in the tamil film industry crazy fellow... he thinks he is the only person who is the Indian citizen, Always act like saving his country.. and telling Engish le enakku pudikkadha varthai SORRY ... lol

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    when our captain is in angry mood he mostly use this word IL MAKE U DEAD BODYYYYYYYYY, hvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv!!

    He is simply superb Funny uncle!!

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