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Thread: Vijayakanth Punch Dialogues In Tamil

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    Vijayakanth Punch Dialogues In Tamil

    Vijayakanth a tremendous action & patriotic hero, he as acted for more than 150 movies which is reely great. Vijayakanth has very little number of fan followers in Indian society. According to my knowledge y he is not having much fans is coz he includes politics to all kind of films he act and he do overact too. This acting is mostly not accepted by our youths…

    Well, I would like to share few best punch dialogues of Vijayakanth here, hope u all read and enjoy!!

    Tamil la enaku pidikatha ore vartha Manipu!!!!

    I have tickets for English Movie. Want to Gum?
    Katrina Kaif: Sure! Which one?
    Vijayakanth: Condemn aaf Suresh (Quantum of Solace)

    Vijayakanth: aey pulla i’ve got tigets for inglis movie, wan2 gum?
    GIRL: which one?
    Vijayakanth: kaesariyil oil
    GIRL: what? Show the tickets ada naayae … it’s Casino Royale

    Some Great Funny Facts About our Captain is:-
    • He makes Onion Cry for us…
    • Vijayakanth cn do a wheelie on a unicycle
    • It takes Vijayakanth 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes – extra ordinary eye expression
    • Vijayakanth got his driver’s license at the age of 16 Seconds!! Haahahahahhahaha!!
    • When you say no one's perfect our captain takes this as a personal insult!!
    • Vijayakanth can drown a fish!!

    If you guys wish to add some more funny facts, please do it here without hesitation!!

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    Though he has acted in more patriotic movies, it's not at all touchy. Fake styles and dialogues. I 'll make myself to watch his movies to get entertained laughing. I remember the movie vanathai polai, he says "I WANDOOO MARRY YOU" that sounds very very funny... I roll on the floor and laugh ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL.....

    ‘Mannippu, thamizhla enakku pidikkatha vaarthai! He is famous for this dialogue.... Great fun...

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    I wanted to share one comedy experience which happens regularly on Vijayakanth's birthday

    One of my neighbors who is great fan of captain, will celebrate his birthday by issuing chocolates, cakes as well foods. On this particular day it is must that all their tenants and relatives should watch his movie compulsorily at his home and the people watching his movie shouldn't laugh for his funny dance as well acting... it’s so funny to hear as well as it’s a kind of harassment too!!
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