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Thread: IPL Is Good Or Bad?

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    IPL Is Good Or Bad?

    Indian Premier League has both good and bad faces, like if I wanted to tell its pros IPL gives chances for ex cricketers and sustain their lives as well it gives great opportunity for youth new comers.
    An IPL match pays the high amount of salary to cricketer and this match is mostly welcomed whole heartedly by the people coz of its thrilling exciting show. IPL match targets seem to be exciting coz its overís are less.

    I have only one con factor on IPL i.e. it doesnít give break for the high authorized players I means captains and other good players Like Dhoni, Gayle, sachin, Virat Kohli, Malinga, Daniel Vettori & etc.

    What is your opinion, is Indian Premier League Good to have or not??

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    IPL committee gains much profit during IPL matches, they get huge number of sponsorships and the prices of tickets are double than the other matches all because cricket has huge number of fans and they consider it has major entertaining factor.

    Negative factor - Though IPL players earn in Crores, but still they are getting indulged in gambling & match fixing.

    I conclude saying IPL is good to have and theses matches promote brotherhood and friendly relationship between each countries who are taking part.

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    It is like tossing a coin, and the result is never a head or a tail. If we look into the explicit side of it, we can get all the positive feedbacks, and if we look for pessimistic side, we can collect a hell number of negative replies. It relies on how we look into it.

    The only negative feedback is that it has become a busy money-making business for most of the politicians, celebrities, cricketers, etc. And the sad thing is that most of the cricketers are involved in match fixing and gambling, without caring about the countryí honor.

    If these negatives of IPL have been vanished, it adds up to the pride of the nationís relationship with other countries.

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