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Thread: diet chart of baby

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    diet chart of baby

    hello friends i have 5 month old baby,now pls tell me what diet should start now............and how much water is suitable for him

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    Even i've a baby who is four months old and I'm a working woman. I am looking for the diet chart for my baby....
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    The growth of all children varies at a different rate. We can find growth at a higher rate in some children and at lower rate in some. The height of the baby at this age will increase around 30%.

    It’s better to breast feed your kid up to 6 months because; baby at this requires 12-36 ounces of milk a day. Include all the health development food groups in diet. First check the height and weight of your kid and make sure it is quite enough for him or not with the help of a paediatrician. They’ll give you a complete healthy-diet chart.

    I will tell you diet tips what I knew here in this thread:

    • Feed your kid with 4-6 ounces of milk everyday once he/ she wake up.
    • Mix the dry cereal with milk to feed them.
    • Introduce solid foods in diet.
    • Include fruits such as banana, pear, apple and vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes.
    • Fruits such as banana or avocado are soft enough to eat raw.
    • Some fruits must be cooked, and it is better to feed them peeled off fruits until their digestive system gets matured.

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