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Thread: Need a guidance badly

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    Unhappy Need a guidance badly

    Hey guys,
    I'm Naveen and I'm 17 years old.I am from Chennai,Tamil Nadu and I have just completed my XII Board exams(State Board).I'm good in studies and my estimation is that I will get 97% in the board exams and also I'm confident of making it to the Anna University or other top universities in Chennai.Am thinking of pursuing my studies with IT as I don't have interest in Physics.So I got to take either Computer Science or Che. as my main stream.And I am pretty much good in Computer Science.So I thought it would be better for me to take IT.

    And now am in dilemma.I have been thinking for the past two years of my career.I'm not really interested in studies.But ironically,I score well in my exams.And I just spent few days thinking about this and finally found my interest in Cricket..I use to play Cricket a lot and good in it..I have not played professional cricket so far.I'm really good in cricket with tennis ball..I'm a fast-bowling All Rounder.But Batting is my primary skill and also can bowl well.My ambition in my childhood was to become a Cricketer and then it vanished since there was no Cricket team in my school(I studied in the same school for 12 years)..And I am a natural athlete.

    My question is that,Can I still have a good career in Cricket if I join a Cricket Academy in this age and train myself with the cricket ball?And I want to make it to the national side.And those who make it are trained with the cricket ball right from their childhood..But I still have confidence in my skills.And will I be able to complete my college if I train myself as a Cricketer?'cuz my parents can surely afford for the Cricket Academy but they also would want me to complete the college aswell..

    If anyone can help me to figure this out?Is it a good idea to join an Academy aside of studying?Is it late for me?I also want to know which is the best academy in Chennai.

    I will be pleased if anyone can help me with my career.Hope you can understand my situation.

    Thank you,

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    I read the above paragraph; by reading I understood that cricket is your passion. Well, I don’t neglect your quote but I would like to request you to do further studies after getting a degree you can join any cricket academy and choose it has a career option.
    These days to become a cricketer you need to have luck and money more than your talent….
    Hope u understood what I am about to tell…. “Studies First Before Anything Else”

    Chennai’s Best Cricket Academy:-
    VB Cricket Academy
    No. 12, Visveswarapuram
    Mylapore, Chennai – 600004

    Seven Star Cricket Associations
    No. 64 1st Floor
    Devaraj Mudaliar Street, Park Town
    Chennai - 600003

    Kedar's Cricket Academy
    R.K.M. Matriculation School
    Bazullah Road, T. Nagar
    Chennai – 600017

    No. 9, Santhome High Road
    Mylapore, Chennai - 600004

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