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Thread: Indian GP 2012 Tickets

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    Indian GP 2012 Tickets

    Hello Guys!!

    Could any one help me with the ticket price of Grand Prix in India and also let me know the prices as well please... when is the dat given for it??

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    even I was looking for the same and I got few info on this which I would like to share with you. The ticket prices are varies from lower tier centre to upper tier centre and also dates which I found was Friday 26 October TO Sunday 28 October. the price goes like

    Lower Tier Centre Fri-Sun Adult Rs. 400/-
    Upper Tier Centre Fri-Sun Adult Rs. 400/-
    Lower Tier Left Sun Adult Rs. 267/-
    Classic 1 West Fri-Sun Adult Rs. 87/-

    Hope you got wat you were looking actually...

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    Yes here we go, we were looking for Indian Formula 1 2012 Indian Grand Prix, and there was a good news is in store as tickets for the second Indian Grand Prix are scheduled on October 28th at the Buddh International Circuit for Sale.

    I have shared the price details below.

    Main Grand Stand (Season ticket) - Rs 30,000/-
    Main Grand Stand (Limited Sunday ticket) - Rs 20,000
    Premium - Rs 14,000
    Star - Rs 8,500
    Classic - Rs 6,500
    Natural - Rs 3,500

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