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Thread: Stella Artois beer price in India

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    Stella Artois beer price in India

    Hey guys,

    My close friend got placed in an MNC last week. We have decided to celebrate this weekend. I wish to gift him something more different to double his happiness. I have heard that, the Stella Artois beer is available in India, which we dint try so far.

    Can anyone tell me, the price of that beer in India?

    Please share your reply as soon as possible...

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    Stella Artois is a 6th Century Belgian Beer which is one of the leading domestic beers in Belgium. It is considered as one of the best beers in India. Though all other imported beers are attainable in different quantities, this Stella Artois is available in only one quantity, i.e. in 330ml.

    The price of 330ml of Stella Artois is Rs. 150.

    Celebrate this weekend with Stella Artois!!!

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