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Thread: migration from bms to bba

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    migration from bms to bba

    I am studying in mumbai.. I just passed bms first year with 71.57% i first semester and 70% in second sem.. Due to some problems I need to shift to Pune.. I have read on many sites that BBA and BMS are similar courses with different names under different universities.. Can i get a transfer to SYBBA for the coming academic year? I checked the portion and subjects.. the content is same.. just the names of the subjects are a bit modified..! Please let me know before 6th of May..

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    BBA and BMS these two courses are more or less the same. In some universities give the name as BMS and some universities give the name as BBA. Both these courses are management courses. The graduates of BBA and BMS can take up MBA. BMS course gives attention to analytical and logical oriented studies, while BBA course gives attention to core studies. So, both these courses are the same with different name.

    I am not sure whether you can get transfer from BMS to SYBBA. However, I can advise you to meet the concerned person at the college or university where you want to continue your studies. Because they will have best knowledge about it, and they will guide you better.

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