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Thread: How To Check Ubislate 7+ Delivery Status

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    How To Check Ubislate 7+ Delivery Status

    Hi All

    One of my friend has booked his ubislate 7+ on online forum on the month of april, its almost 10 days over from the day of booking.. he is lil worried will they cheat him or what... because he paid advance also... could any of you tell me how can I check the delivery status on this please...

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    Hey Dear.

    I think there is a problem with transportation if you have your order number then you can easily find out your delivery status... try calling customer care number you may get some solution whether its proceeding or some delay or the actual reason you will get to know...

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    Thanks a lot.... thanks for your information... very much useful for me....

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    Hi, i would like to buy the Ubislate 7 for a friend of mine, can someone tell me of the address of the stores to buy it. please..!

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    Ubislate 7 Tabs are available in all major Mobile Shores and in companies that holding HCL & Datawind products. Why HCL & Datawind? Coz in India only these both industries are manufacturing Aakash / Ubislate 7.

    Datawind -> Aakash / Ubislate 7 -> Rs. 2,500/-
    Datawind -> UbiSlate 7+ -> Rs. 3,499/-
    Datawind -> Aakash 2 / UbiSlate 7C -> Rs. 4,299/-
    Datawind -> Aakash 2 /UbiSlate 7Ci -> Rs. 1,130/- to Rs. 2,263/-

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