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Thread: Do working women avoid their fitness ?

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    Do working women avoid their fitness ?

    I am loosing interest on my fitness as i have stopped exercise & walking .Please tell me Do working women avoid their Fitness ?

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    Do working women avoid their fitness

    We, as women naturally want to take care of everyone else but ourselves. Your health is more important if you want to take care of your family for a long time. The way I look at it is that if I'm not healthy, then I will not be around my loved ones too long. So don't' forget to put yourself first if you want to be around your family for years to come.

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    Hi everyone,

    Fitness is essential for every woman in the world. There are major physical changes in the lives of the women such as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. These changes affect the physical health of the women.

    Exercise is more important to working women. All the health issues including weight loss, weight gain, stress, depression, heart problems, osteoporosis, breast cancer, etc can be treated or avoided with the help of the exercises. Doing exercises on a regular basis will keep your weight under control. This will make you look better and keep you busy even during boring holidays. It relieves all your stresses in your work, family and so on.

    Get out and do some exercise to extend your life. You’ll look and feel so much better for it!!!

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    No, there is nothing like that.It all depend on your office timing

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    No ways Alley!!
    For violation of health issues exercise is the basic necessity for every woman & men. All working women intend to keep their structure perfect and approachable. Especially if you are into sitting kind of jobs, definitely exercise like stretching, bending, neck and hand movement exercise are required for active and healthy body.

    Don’t neglect your regular exercise; continue doing walking, jogging & etc for living healthy and long life!!

    Take care!!
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