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Thread: Jack Daniels Whisky Price In India

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    Jack Daniels Whisky Price In India

    One of my friends is nonresident of India has come to visit India for the first time and we friends are age group of 21years….
    Though I know intake of alcohol is bad to health, but still I am forced by my friends to take at least a peg every weekend… The new friend who i come from abroad likes only Jack Daniels Whisky brand, I dono wr I gt this brand in India as well as its price… if any of you guys know the price of it plz let me know by replying.
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    I would say donít ever see your friends face on weekends if you really wanted to keep your health healthy. And this is not the age to drinkÖ

    Jack Daniels Whisky brand is available in all 5star & 3star hotels in India and the price of it ranges between Rs. 12000/- to 13500/-

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