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Thread: Bab(ies) Names

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    Bab(ies) Names

    Hi there,

    We are having twins in a few weeks and welcome your suggestions for short good, rhyming names. We have short listed the following:"

    Pranav, Prithvi
    Abinav, Pranav

    Any help on rhyming names ending in -nav and/or for Prthvi would be much appreciated.


    - Nam

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    Hi Sunil,

    My hearty wishes to you in advance!!!

    I have given a list of few names here that ends in “nav” and sounds like “Prithvi”. You can pick the names as you wish….

    Enav, Arnav
    Pranav, Maanav
    Bhargav, Manav
    Abhinav, Vaibhav

    Parthiv, Pruthvi
    Prithiv, Prithivi
    Paarthiv, Parthav

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