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Thread: Paranormal Activity...

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    Arrow Paranormal Activity...

    Hiii Guyzzzzz!!!

    What do u think abt paranormal actvity?? Actually wen I watched PA1, i felt scary only in the climax part... In PA2, some part of the movie was scray.. PA3 was the most scariest among the 3..Most of the scenes are scary and the at the end this movie raised lot more questions.. PA4 is all set to release... Who have the guts to watch PA4 in theater???

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    Paranormal activity venture would go on a plan to focus the 1992 episode to know how bothe katie kristie were brainwashed by her grandma..let see hw it goes along

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    Hi thedarkaxe,,,

    You r abslty crct,,,,,,, U know iam very much eager to know wat has hapnd in 1992,,,,,, Who is Toby? Who is brainwashing everybody?????

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