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Thread: CAD - CAM- CNC Courses

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    CAD - CAM- CNC Courses

    Hi Friends,

    I have done BE in Mech. I was looking for a nice CAD CAM institute in Pune to pursue my Masters in the same. I got one in Autocluster Chinchwad Pune - Antech Career Mantra. Well, very nice institute; providing all necessary facilities.
    Can u guys tell me more about the benefits of these courses?

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    You have lots of scope for this course in future. I will tell you the benefits of this course in this thread!!!

    Automation shortens the manufacturing lead times and improves the quality and consistent performance while requiring less skilled, less expensive resources. In order to minimize the risks, the companies ensure that their systems will cope with the majority of its CAM/CAD work to be flexible enough to deal with every eventuality.

    The benefits of CAD CAM CNC courses are:

    Risk reduction
    Productivity benefits
    Better, faster service
    Ease of use and reliability
    Rapid ROI and lifetime cost
    Knowledge based manufacture
    Cost and availability of skilled workers

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