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Thread: Weekend Getaways Around Nagpur

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    Weekend Getaways Around Nagpur

    I wish to be a Globetrotter and am being…

    I have visited southern part of India completely now moving towards upward of the map from southern portion i.e. to Maharashtra… Firstly I have planned to visit Nagpur city, I have only few list of historical place and best hangouts of Nagpur. I want to get to know some more important places names from you guys, is anybody willing to share?? If yes, then kindly do it by replying.

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    Great Ambition!!
    Nagpur is a second largest city in Maharashtra as well second Greenest city in India. This district is also called as orange city and this land consist various religious place, entertaining place, historical place and etc. the following are as such wonderful Hangouts of Nagpur.

    1. Bhadravati a religious Land for Jains
    2. Nawegaon Dam a famous forest resort
    3. Ramtek is a holy place graced by the holy feet of Lord Rama and Sita
    4. Sevagram was the head headquarters of the social service programs which was conducted by Gandhiji
    5. Adasa has all kind og Magnificent temples in its land
    6. Dhapewada lies on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river with beautiful and well sculptured Temple.
    7. Muktagiri a beautiful tourist spot
    8. Nagzira wildlife sanctuary
    9. Pavnar a historic place
    10. Chikhaldara is a historical place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka in a herculean bout and then threw him into the valley.

    There are some more hangouts in Nagpur, they are:-
    • Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden
    • Japanese Rose Garden
    • Children’s Traffic Park
    • Bhamragarh
    • Futala Lake
    • Ambazari Lake and Garden
    • Shukrawari Lake
    • Pench National Park
    • Khindsey Lake
    • Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Vadgaon Lake
    • Krazy Castle Aqua Park

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