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Thread: Weekend Getaways For Singles

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    Weekend Getaways For Singles

    Hi Friends..

    I am here just seeking for help from you guys.. I am staying here alone and working in a pvt company. I get offs on weekends, I will get bored yar on this 2 days, I will be like mad no company for talking nor smoking nor roaming out.. what should I do on weekends.. please give some ideas like some weekend getaways for singles like me please..

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    Hello Dude!!

    Do you think you will really enjoy your singleness.. No chance at all, you need to make friends. then you can enjoy your weekends like anything..

    The idea is like thing if you are interested in these following activities then you can continue in this Wildlife Safaris, Climbing Expeditions, Beach Bonanza or else go for mall do shopping it will take more time to choose.. All I need to tell is it depend on you whee you want to keep yourself occupied based on that you can plan..

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