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Thread: Weekend Getaways From Agra

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    Weekend Getaways From Agra

    Guide Me PLZZZZZZ!!
    It’s great to know and tell that Taj mahal one of the seven wonders of world located in Agra India, it’s one of the best hangout ever for all couples…
    Other than Taj Mahal, which are the Weekend exits presented in and around Agra city??

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    Agra is a medieval city situated on the banks of sacred river Yamuna. This place has massive historical attractive tourist places in and around its land. The following are as such places.

    Tourist attraction within Agra:-

    Taj Mahal - Famous buildings in the world and its New Seven Wonders of the world
    Agra Fort - Was specially made by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar
    Swāmī Bāgh Samādhi - Monument to hold the ashes of Huzūr Swāmijī Mahārāj
    Mariam's Tomb – Tomb of Akbar’s wife
    Keetham Lake – It is located 7km away from Akbar tomb
    Fatehpūr Sikrī - The Mughal Emperor Akbar built Fatehpūr Sikrī and moved his capital here
    I'timād-Ud-Daulah –Tomb
    Akbar's Tomb - Resting Place of Mughal emperor Akbar
    Rām Bāgh - The oldest Mughal garden
    Jamā Masjid - Large mosque attributed to Shah Jahan's daughter

    Tourist attraction around Agra:-

    Delhi – A Cosmopolitan city has huge attractive places like Museums, resorts, pubs, Rivers, temples, Amusement parks and etc.
    Mathura – This land has beautiful temples and river
    Vrindavan - A Pilgrimage town
    Sariska – This land has beautiful wild life sanctuary and temples as well
    Haridwar - Pilgrimage centre
    Lucknow - This land is filled with beautiful gardens, museums and wild life sanctuaries

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