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Thread: Kaff Vs Gilma Price

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    Kaff Vs Gilma Price

    Hey guys,

    I am planning to protect the walls of the remodeled kitchen in my home with an electric chimney. I am looking for the best model in the latest market. All of my family members suggested me to buy either KAFF of GILMA chimney.

    Can anyone compare the prices of the basic models in those two brands?

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    You won’t find the vast difference in the prices of the KAFF and GILMA brands. I will give you the price and the features of it in this thread:

    Kaff-Expo 60 - Rs. 7,990

    This chimney comes with a black powder coating and glass finish. It gives you the modular look with electronic control with baffle on front panel and feather touch buttons.

    Kaff-Mif 60-90 - Rs. 15,990

    This gives you the steam and smell free kitchen. This is mainly because of the anodized aluminum washable filter in it. It comes with the metallic conveyor and stainless steel outlook.

    Gilma OAK BK – Rs. 7, 990

    It comes with the dual motor, cassette filter and black finish. You can enjoy the push button controls and life time warranty with this product.

    Gilma VXO – Rs. 18, 999

    It comes with the single motor, cassette filter and stainless steel finish. Apart from this, timer can be set and reset. This price is only for this timer feature.

    Choose the model, as per your needs!

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