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Thread: Indian Railways Reservation from Mobile

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    Indian Railways Reservation from Mobile

    Hi guys,

    Recently, I came to know that IRCTC has launched the application for Mobile Railway Reservation Ticket booking. Now, I am using the GSM mobile phone.

    I would like to know, whether that application works in my mobile or not? What are the steps to getting that service on my mobile and how do I register for the reservation service?

    Please help me!!!

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    Hey friend,

    At the initial stage, I was seeking help from others. Later, I came to know that it was so easy and you can install it by yourself.

    You follow the steps, what I mention here to do the Indian Railways Reservation from your Mobile:

    If your mobile supports the GPRS facility, you can download this application. And also, check with your operator whether it is JAVA enabled or not. First activate the GPRS facility with the help of the operator.

    Steps for getting the IRCTC mobile service on mobile

    • First, register yourself in the web site www.irctc.co.in
    • Download and install the IRCTCmobile on your mobile phone
    • Activate IRCTCmobile on your mobile phone
    • Your IRCTCmobile is now ready for use

    Steps for registering for railway ticketing IRCTCmobile service:

    • Enter your mobile number
    • You get registered for IRCTC ticketing through IRCTCmobile
    • You will receive a service SMS (also called as WAP SMS) from IRCTC containing the link. Then click on that link for downloading the IRCTCmobile.
    • The application will prompt the user to ‘install’

    • User selects ‘Yes’ to install the application on to the mobile phone
    • Once installed, IRCTCmobile icon will appear on the phone menu/games/application/my own folders.
    • Set a PIN for future logins and this will initiate the activation process of synchronizing with the IRCTC's backend server
    • The IRCTCmobile main menu is now activated on the phone screen

    Then you can book your reservations!!!

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