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Thread: Top Tamil Melody songs of 2011..

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    Top Tamil Melody songs of 2011..

    Hi Guyz..

    I love tamil memody songs very much. I heard many latest tamil melodies. I want all the melody songs to download and listen to it whenever I get free time.. Can anybody give me the list of top melody songs of the year 2011?

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    Hii paulina...
    Most beautiful and melodious songs released in 2011.. All the songs are very nice to watch as well as to listen.. The songs are too romantic.. You will really feel good if you listen these songs by closing your eyes...

    MELODY SONGS 2011:

    1. Aariro Aarariro (Deivathirumagal)
    2. Molachu Moonu (Velayudham)
    3. Kaalangaathale (Venghai)
    4. Maalai Mangum Neram (Rowthiram)
    5. Enna Aachi (Vedi)
    6. Maayam Seidhayo (Velayudham)
    7. Pa Pa Pappa (Deivathirumagal)
    8. Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil (Deivathirumagal)
    9. Mun Andhi Charal (7am Arivu)
    10. Amali Thumali (Ko)
    11. Ready Readya (Mapillai)
    12. Poraney Poraney (Vaagai Soodava)
    13. Venpaniye (Ko)
    14. Nee Korinaal (180)
    15. Engeyum Kadhal (Engeyum kadhal)
    16. Dhimu Dhimu (Engeyum kadhal)
    17. Lolitta (Engeyum kadhal)
    18. Thee Illai (Engeyum kadhal)
    19. Nenjil nenjil (Engeyum kadhal)
    20. Yamma Yamma (7am Arivu)

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    Awesome list BeeAmma .. Can you suggest more might be your favourites of 2012?

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    Hi my favorite song is Kannazhaga and Po Nee Po from the movie “3”, these are the 2 song I always listen in my free time. I think it’s better to say that these two are “The best songs so ever”.

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