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Thread: Scuba Diving Pondicherry Price

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    Scuba Diving Pondicherry Price

    Scuba an adventures activity gives great feelings like anxiety, enthusiasm, fun feel and cool goal. I wish to enter this field and learn more about under water breathing activity.
    I heard that Pondicherry has discovered some exciting locations for Scuba diving, but not familiar with the site names and the fees for diving classes. If any of you guys know something much about the price and location details, kindly do share it here by replying..

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    Pondicherry water land has led to invent 6 different diving walls, namely;
    The Hole - The dive starts from 30M
    Ravines - The dive starts from 30M
    Shy Shark Reef - The maximum depth is 23M
    4 Corners - Up to 18M depth
    Aravind's Wall this place has 12 subdivisions which includes shark sight natural progression sight and etc.
    Groupers Gorge - A large pyramid of tyres that float up from the bottom Also known as tyre town

    Scuba Diving - Experienced
    1 Day -> 2 Dives -> Rs. 4000/-

    Enriched Air -> Nitrox
    Rs. 12,000/-

    PADI Rescue Diver
    Rs. 20,000/-

    Advanced Open Water 30M
    Rs. 16,000/-

    Dive Master
    Rs. 35,000/-

    Emergency First Responder
    Rs. 7,000/-

    40M Deep
    Rs. 12,000/-

    Note:- 10% discount for scuba diving professionals/ Nitrox dive available for an extra Rs.300/- per tank/ Discount not valid for PADI dive courses

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