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Thread: Weekend Getaways from Kolkata in summer

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    Weekend Getaways from Kolkata in summer

    Hi guys,

    My uncle had shifted his family to Kolkata on an official transfer. My cousin told me that he got bored during the weekends there, as he is new to that place.

    I would like to know, the weekend getaways from Kolkata in summer? Please help me!!!
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    Hi friend,

    Kolkata is a beautiful destination and you can find many weekend getaways from that city. I would like to share some of them here:

    Gouri Kunj
    Burudi Lake
    Panch Pandava Tila
    Subarnarekha River
    Phuldunguri hillock

    If you are interested in visiting the temples, you can also add them in your getaway list:

    Remuna temple
    Khiching temple
    Kichakeswari temple
    Chandaneswar temple
    Panchalingeshwar Temple

    Explore all the weekend destinations from Kolkata this summer!!!

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